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What the ducks this all about?

Find out what’s quacking with the Service Ducks – the UKs funniest ServiceNow Podcast!

“Talk to the Duck” and join our co-hosts, James Downs and Russ Shear (aka ServiceNerd) every other week for a hilarious spin on all things ServiceNow.

We promise to keep you entertained with all the ups and downs of the ServiceNow world – and who knows, you might even learn something useful!

So come on over and join the fun – the ducks are waiting

What’s with the name you must be quackers?

The name selection process was almost as amusing as our first attempt at recording an episode. Many iterations, back and forth conversations and when we did finally decide, we changed the name at the last minute…much like story requirements 1 day before go live!

The name (and perhaps more importantly meaning behind it) came to us. Rubber Duck Debugging is something James and I both do and have done for many years. This was introduced to us by, the one and only Justin Loftas (currently Technical Director at UP3) many years ago as a way to help debugging/problem solving on the ServiceNow platform. If you’ve never tired it, then I absolutely suggest giving it a go and feel free to let me know how it goes using the contact form on this site.

So there you have it, the name Service Ducks was selected! This had absolutely nothing to do with the fact we could also use the tag line:

Talk to the duck!

Or perhaps more relevant when your debugging code:

What the duck!

Who are the hosts? already know me. I’m Russ “The ServiceNerd” Shear and run the ServiceNerd youtube channel as well as working as a freelance ServiceNow Technical/Architect Consultant.

I’ve been in the industry since around 2012 in many guises over the years.

James Downsmore text to follow..he’s unfortunately got COVID but I was too keen to get this out!..Speedy recovery Jim!

Enough ducking about…when’s it waddling?

We’ll strive to release a new cast (is that the right term?) every other week, with our target day being Wednesday, the ideal choice for a ServiceNow Podcast. However, there may be occasions when it rolls into Thursday, depending on your location or our editing pace..

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