How to trigger a subflow from a script? | FlowAPI | ScriptableFlowRunner | Flow Designer

See how to trigger a subflow in ServiceNow flow designer using a SERVER side this example we use a UI Action script. We discuss the different flow api’s we can play with: FlowAPI, ScriptableFlowRunner, GlideFlow (briefly) and take a look at how we use nifty ServiceNow flow designer features that give the code to use pre-built to trigger a flow from a script. Note: We can use this same concept to trigger: Flows Subflows Actions Useful documentation to get your head around…or just bedtime reading:!/reference/api/sandiego/server/sn_fd-namespace/ScriptableFlowAPI!/reference/api/sandiego/server/sn_fd-namespace/ScriptableFlowRunnerScopedAPI All done in a San Diego instance #servicenerd #flowdesigner #flowapi #scriptableflowrunner


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