ServiceNow Inbound REST API | Import Set API

Setup an ServiceNow inbound integration using the import set API. In this video we look at how to create an inbound web service, import set, transform map and map the fields to our target table in order to use REST POST to update an incident from a 3d party system. We then use the REST API explorer to test it all out. Done in San Diego instance! Import Set API:!/reference/api/sandiego/rest/c_ImportSetAPI Import sets: Coalescing:!/learn/learning-plans/quebec/new_to_servicenow/app_store_learnv2_importingdata_quebec_coalescing REST API Explorer:!/learn/learning-plans/sandiego/servicenow_application_developer/app_store_learnv2_rest_sandiego_introduction_to_the_rest_api_explorer


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