ServiceNow San Diego | How to deactivate Next Experience UI for specific Users | Polaris

Can we disable or enable the Next Experience UI (Polaris) for individual users? Previously I’ve done a video showing how to enable the new UI globally across the platform, however we do have the ability to switch this interface on or off for individual users. Perhaps we want to do a soft roll out and only only certain users to experience this at a time…perhaps some are stuck in the past and dont want to embrace the new!! (we’ve all seen them). With the use of the glide.ui.polaris.experience property along with the glide.ui.polaris.use user preference we can achieve that! There is also a great store app that facilitates the roll out of the UI…well worth a look:!/share/contents/2262252_rollout_next_experience?v=1.0&t=RATINGS_REVIEWS&page=1 This is of course all all done within PDI San Diego instance. Enjoy! #SanDiego #Polaris #NextExperienceUI #ServiceNerd


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