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We take a look at how ServiceNow plan to train 1 million new professionals globally by 2024 by providing people with easy access to relevant artefacts and guidance to help people along a chosen career path within the ServiceNow industry. The RiseUp with ServiceNow program if driven at allowing those looking for career changes to make ServiceNow an easy choice by providing knowledge of transferable skills (that many people already have) and how they apply to “in demand” roles.

You can see job profiles, jobs themselves and even a guide of expected salaries across the globe. There’s even bios of like minded individuals that have already made ServiceNow their chosen career and gives a nice easy Segway into now learning (for free training courses) and now community (RiseUp Connect) to allow those on their new career journey to talk to people on a similar journey and also connect with season “veterans” for questions, answers, rants and perhaps even some mentorship 🙂

I’ll be posting on the RiseUp Connect site shortly so feel free to hit me up there. For those finding this, thinking of a career change…welcome! and Enjoy!!..its gonna be fun 🙂 🙂

RiseUp with ServiceNow (Web site)


RiseUp with ServiceNow Press Release


RiseUp Community


RiseUp Connect (the bit where you talk in the community) https://www.servicenow.com/community/riseup-connect/ct-p/riseup-connect


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