What is a Script Action in ServiceNow? | ServiceNow Script Action basics


In this video, we run through the basics s ServiceNow Script Action, including how to create them and how to trigger them based on events.

Script actions are used to execute any server side scripts asynchronously when an event is triggered. server-side scripts that perform a variety of tasks, such as modifying a configuration item (CI), or managing failed login attempts. Script actions are triggered by events only script actions have access to all the server-side glide APIs, script includes, and other server-side resources.

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Things we need to make it work:

1. Event Registry

2. Business Rule/Server Script/Flow to trigger thee vent

3. Script Action

Two objects available in a script action:

Current – A GlideRecord

Event – Also a GlideRecord where we have parm1, parm2

Script Action:


Create Event:


Generating Events:


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