ServiceNow Quebec Features | Top 7 Release Highlights

This is my top 7 features in the ServiceNow Quebec release (top 5 if just too restrictive :)). In this overview I’ll quickly run you through some of my favourite upgrade features in the new ServiceNow Quebec version. Apologies if your favourite didn’t make it onto the list, however please throw a message into the comments section if you want me to focus in on a particular area…dont read any further if you want to be surprised by my top picks. Spoiler alert!…. Areas covered: 1. Instance Scan 2. Script Tracer (Move over script debugger!) 3. Flow Designer (flow variables and record producer) 4. Catalog Variables (hide and seek..just kidding…hide and read only) 5. NLQ – Reports and list views 6. Global Applications – hmmmmm 7. UI Builder – How could I not include this! Useful links: Quebec Release Notes: Script Debugger: GlideAjax 1: GlideAjax 2: Thanks…and enjoy! #ServiceNowQuebec #NewFeatures


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